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Since the day I founded Batu Production & Organization, I had no doubt that it would become one of the most well-known brands in the event organization sector in Antalya. Thanks to our meticulous and detailed work, today we are exactly where we want to be.


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About Us

Batu Production is an event organization company based in Antalya, serving the Mediterranean region. Founded in 2011 by Furkan Bedir in Antalya, our company provides services to the Mediterranean Region.

We specialize in various events such as weddings, engagements, cocktails, openings, dealer meetings, birthday celebrations, stand hostess provision, mall decoration, mall events, fashion shows, and signature day campaigns.

With our extensive team, Batu Production relieves you of many concerns in your events. Our large and expert team ensures that you receive the best service, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Understanding the importance of an event before working with an event management company is crucial. In all the events we handle, while you enjoy conversations with your distinguished guests, the Batu Production team strives to ensure perfection on your behalf. Experiencing embarrassment due to minor glitches on your most important day is probably the last thing you want!

Fully aware of and understanding all of this, from our executives to our on-site event representatives, we delve into your goals and desires. After a meeting, we get to work with an organized plan for your event.

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Batu Production Yönetici Kadrosu

ayka bilge arikan

Ayka Bilge Arıkan

Administrative Affairs Manager

Ayka Bilge Arıkan was born on July 8, 1993, in Izmir. She completed her primary, middle, and high school education in Izmir and graduated…

ilhami ceylan

İlhami Ceylan

Event and Organization Manager

İlhami Ceylan was born on August 9, 1983, in Konya – Akşehir. He completed his primary, middle, and high school education in Seydişehir district…

ayca tanrikulu

Ayça Tanrıkulu

General Coordinator

Ayça Tanrıkulu was born on October 2, 1995, in Antalya. She completed her primary, middle, and high school education in Antalya and graduated with…

furkan bedir batu production

Born in 1993 in the Suşehri district of Sivas, Furkan Bedir completed his primary, middle, and high school education in Suşehri. During high school,…

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