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Antalya Gender Reveal Party Organization

Batu Organization, which holds a distinguished place among Antalya gender reveal party organization companies, offers parents the opportunity to learn the gender of their baby in a fun way. This activity is also known as ‘Gender Party.’

This event, which can be held at home, in the garden, at a cafe, or in another venue, is professionally organized by Batu Organization.

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

This is a party where the mother learns whether the baby will be a girl or a boy together with her close relatives. It is usually organized by the mother’s relatives or friends. For this, the doctor should not tell the mother the gender and should inform a trusted person who can keep the secret.

When is the Gender Reveal Party Held?

The gender of the child can be estimated around the 12th week of pregnancy. However, this does not provide certainty. Knowing the baby’s gender with one hundred percent certainty is possible between the 16th and 20th weeks at the earliest. An ultrasound examination performed after the 20th week provides a clear result without the possibility of error. Therefore, it is possible to say that the gender reveal party can be held after these weeks, once the gender is definitively known.

How is the Gender Reveal Party Organized?

In this area, our Antalya gender reveal party organization company offers a wide range of options. The most common gender reveal party ideas include:

Gender Reveal Box: Will the balloon coming out of the box be pink or blue? The result of this exciting anticipation will surprise everyone! Water Gun: Wild but very enjoyable! The only thing needed for this is a water gun filled with blue or pink paint. When the person organizing the party wets the mother with this gun, the gender of the baby will be revealed. Gender Reveal Balloons: Black or colorful balloons are filled with pink or blue confetti before being inflated. When these balloons burst, the question of whether the family’s cute member will be a boy or a girl is answered. Cake: The inside of a snow-white cake contains pink or blue fillings or candies. Watching and eating will be very sweet! Of course, the sweetest part is the moment when the baby’s gender is revealed!

Whichever method you prefer, our Antalya gender reveal party organization company will not neglect the venue decorations, ribbons, and colorful balloons. Banners saying ‘I Think It’s a Girl’ or ‘I Think It’s a Boy,’ ceiling decorations, posters, and more… We are just a click away for all of them!

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