Baby Shower Organization

Batu Organization, proving its superiority among companies organizing baby shower events in Antalya, meets the expectations of parents with its perfect craftsmanship. If you want to welcome the tiniest member of your family with a splendid party, Batu Organization is ready to crown your happiness!

What is a Baby Shower Party?

This event is defined as a “pre-birth baby party.” Undoubtedly, after the baby is born, the mother will be in a rush.

In this case, it is certain that there will be no time and energy for a party. That’s why the baby shower party is held before the baby joins the family so that the mother can have fun with her loved ones.

The mother, who eagerly awaits the birth of the baby, and her friends and family celebrate its arrival with fun activities and gifts at this party. With various package options that fit every budget, Batu Organization shares the excitement of parents with a professional baby shower organization.

Why is a Baby Shower Party Held?

This party is organized by the spouse, family, or friends of the expectant mother in the last months of her pregnancy. It motivates the expectant mother and allows other family members to share the joy of the baby with her. Relatives give gifts to the expectant mother and the baby, show affection, and thus maximize their happiness. Only women participate in the party.

What Are Baby Shower Services?

Entrance decoration (with posters and similar materials), Balloon decoration, Tulle and fabric decoration, Sweet table and gift table decorated with various objects and flowers, Host and DJ, Table decoration, Preparation of a cake, appetizers, and other treats in the style and size suitable for the party concept, Games chosen by the party host, Professional photographer and cameraman for photo-video shooting, mini album, Close attention to all guests by a professional organization manager, and more. What Are Baby Shower Supplies?

Batu Organization, the most preferred among Antalya baby shower organizing companies, does not neglect any material, from the smallest to the most important. Here are some of the materials we use for these parties:

Cupcake Stand, Pink Lemonade Bar and service, Wishing cards, Wall paintings, Colored glasses, Bibs with names on them, Invitation gift bag, Speech stick, Pom-pom decoration, Sequential hanging lantern decoration, Memory frame, Memory book, American Service cups, forks-knives, plates, bottle labels, etc.

If you are looking for a company that will think of everything for Antalya baby shower organization on your behalf, it’s time to experience the privilege of Batu Organization. So, get ready to say welcome to the joy of your home with a joyful and enjoyable organization with Batu Organization!

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