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Batu Cast Agency operates under the umbrella of Batu Productions, an organization company based in Antalya, founded by Furkan Bedir. Furkan Bedir serves as the chairman of the board, and Melike Askoldamca is the general coordinator of the company.

Batu Cast Agency provides services in the field of Antalya fair hostess and offers hostess services to corporate companies during fair organizations in Antalya.

Despite the presence of many different casting agencies in Antalya, Batu Cast Agency has quickly proven its worth among Antalyan companies and stands out a step ahead compared to other agencies.

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Antalya Fair Model

The company has more than 400 fair hostesses registered within its structure. Our casting agency provides services in various extensive fields such as series shootings, photo and catalog shootings, fair and booth hostesses. In the field of Antalya fair modeling, our company also provides services by sending various models and mannequins with a height of over 1.80 and distinctive and attention-grabbing physique to the fairs held in Antalya.

In all the events we have organized to date, we work with an expert team that represents companies adequately, is presentable, attaches great importance to its appearance, and strives to maximize the satisfaction process of companies.

Antalya Booth Hostess

As Batu Casting Agency, we entered the entertainment and organization sector in 2012, and today, we continue our activities with our casting agency. In the events we organize, we provide superior service to companies throughout the fair with our Antalya booth hostess colleagues.

Established in 2019, Batu Casting Agency continues its operations. Not only in Antalya but also in major fairs held in Turkey and different cities, the company continues to provide superior service to its customers with a commitment to excellence. As the company expands its team and updates its technological infrastructure, it aims to continue providing services to its valued customers. We are pleased to serve you.

Antalya Service Hostess

Antalya’s tourist allure provides an excellent stage for those aiming to offer an unforgettable experience during exhibitions. In this context, the importance of an experienced Antalya Service Hostess team for the presentation of tea, coffee, and other pleasing services is significant. The Antalya Service Hostess team comes into play, making a difference with their smiles and professional approach when welcoming exhibition participants.

There is no task as important at any event as ensuring people feel comfortable and satisfied. For this purpose, the Antalya Service Hostess team offers a wide range of services, from tea and coffee service to special requests, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Our professional and friendly team guarantees the success and memorability of your events.

Reflecting the warmth and hospitality of Antalya, our Service Hostess team surprises event participants with a pleasant experience. This ensures that exhibitions and events become memorable and enjoyable experiences. Our team is here to satisfy your visitors and participants, making your events even more special.

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