Being centrally located in Antalya has many advantages for us. Our proximity to hotels and agencies is reflected in both our pricing policy and our quality service approach. In comparison to other companies, we provide many additional services to our companies. With our gala dinners and outdoor and indoor activities, we aim to strengthen interaction among dealers and make our projects more successful. We have received congratulations and praises from our customers for all the dealer meeting events we have organized so far.

Understanding the sensitivity and lines that corporate identity brings, we provide services to each company in different locations and different fields with our expert team. Our greatest advantage as Batu Production is to serve our customers as a full-service agency. Considering all the details, from our customers’ stand hostess and stand installation needs to artist provision, we convey our services to the employer in a way that does not require any collaboration with another company on any subject.

As a result of our successful projects, we are proud to take our place among the leading event companies in the country for dealer meeting organizations. Due to our service in the Antalya region, our proximity to hotel locations and the warm relationships we have established with agencies, we take pride in being the most preferred company for corporate companies’ dealer meeting projects. By taking advantage of the rare knowledge of our company and expert team, you can organize your training and programs under the comfort and tranquility of Batu Production in dealer meetings, seminars, and congresses you will organize. We are delighted to provide full-service agency services for dealer meeting organization projects in Antalya.

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