In graduation ceremony organizations, we provide all services such as sound, light, stage, truss system, orchestra, and artist provision, chair dressing, LED screen, graduation log, cocktail organization, camera recording, and photography, photo shooting area, branded prints and banners with your school logo, audio-visual presentation, catering, etc.

Based in Antalya, Batu Production has been involved in numerous events, including Faculty Graduations, Higher School Graduations, and High School and Elementary School graduations, in various cities and districts of our country and region from the past to the present. As a full-service agency, Batu Production acts as a solution partner for all the necessary equipment, transportation, and installation of equipment, promotion and PR work for the event, as well as providing personnel services throughout the event.

Starting from our slogan, “We always want the best…”, we have said. We thank you in advance for your preference. You can also request a quote for Antalya Graduation Organization and All-Turkey Graduation Organization, as well as Cap Throwing Ceremony Organization, from the request a quote form on the right.

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