In today’s world, companies or newly offered companies to the public organize events and cocktail parties to announce the opening of their businesses. If you are considering organizing such an event and wondering how to promote your company in the best way, you are in the right place.

With our expert team and professional welcome hostesses, we welcome your guests at the door and host them in bistros decorated according to the concept and colors of your venue. We handle many tasks for you in the most professional way, such as venue decoration, musician arrangement, fireworks show, promotion product printing, and inviting press members.

For Antalya Cocktail Organization, we take care of your guests with a wide range of seasonal platters and excellent catering service while an expert team follows up on your behalf.

In Antalya cocktail organization and Antalya opening organization projects, Batu Production is by your side with its experienced team.

No matter the reason, we have years of experience in Antalya opening organization and Antalya cocktail organization projects, and with our dynamic team, we are at your service.

Whether it’s for an engagement, wedding, or a similar happy day, or for a product introduction, a special anniversary, an event for your association, or an event for your business, enjoy the pleasure of your organization by working with Batu Production.

Organizing special events requires experience, as in every job. Deficiencies are sometimes not noticed. However, remember that some of your guests will definitely notice these deficiencies. Or, for some reason, you may experience difficult moments.

When organizing a cocktail party, you wouldn’t want the glitches to override the organization, right? Of course, no one wants that.

At the same time, dealing with these kinds of problems can prevent you from enjoying those special moments with your loved ones.

batuproductions takes all this burden off your shoulders. It takes care of everything for you, from treats to service staff.

Work with batuproductions and stop thinking about whether the service staff’s attire is appropriate, if there are enough tables, or if there is anything missing on the tables.

Moreover, you can accomplish all of this at reasonable costs. Batu Production will be by your side in all your Cocktail organizations, regardless of the number of participants. No matter where you are in Turkey, the dynamic team of Batu Production will be honored to serve you with its experience.

Hostesses for stands and promotional hostesses are also provided by our company in cocktail and opening organizations in Antalya.

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